The Heart Centre

"Feeling the attributes of compassion should become the way of life!
When you transform, the world around you transforms leading to world peace."

- Paranjothi Subramaniam

The Journey's Intention

Being the law and order of the day.


"To be in tandem with our theme,".

"Build People Psychologically; Uplift Them Spiritually;
and The People Will Build The Nation".

Create a Clear Mind +

Free Yourself from Emotional Stress, Emotional Bondage and Depression

With Positive Attitude +

Witness Your Life, Learn to Shift Your Consciousness from the

Attached to the Detached, and Stay Attached yet Detached.

And Attributes of Compassion =

Rise Above the Confines of Pleasure and Pain (Relative)

By Getting in Tune with Your CORE to Feel Wholeness (Absolute Fulfilment).

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