Self Awareness Society (Singapore)

Who We Are


The Self Awareness Society (Singapore), (SAS) is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore. It is a fellowship for individuals seeking continued learning and growth from the programmes of the Self Awareness Centre (SAC). We do not align with any particular religion or political party, but are instead an open community for those that want to make significant contributions to the human race through personal growth.

Heart Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Self Healing, Chakras

The Founding Patron Paranjothi Subramaniam


Patron Mdm. Sakuntala S. Suppiah 

What  We Do

The Self Awareness Society (Singapore), (SAS) seeks to build a community where we can all venture down a road of human growth together. We want you to find your fullest human potential. Engagement in the 7 Core Areas will aid members in this journey, to find a path to ultimate happiness and self realisation.

Human growth occurs when we develop ourselves in the 7 Core Areas :


Lifelong learning is critical to expanding personal horizons. SAS offers exposure to talks and seminars to aid in your education.


Success in one’s career promotes an enlightened, positive vision of the world. When you are successful you can also guide others in their career paths by offering your insight, experiences, and advice. Where possible, SAS arranges for experienced practitioners to share their career stories with members. Special courses on general subjects such as public speaking, writing and computer skills are also conducted.


Family is the most important tenant to a happy, healthy life. We must always leave room for family. SAS encourages members to spend special time with their loved ones, and pass on the enlightening principles of SAS.


Modern-life stresses induce many health issues. SAS hosts talks on health matters, medical check-ups and offers demonstrations in exercise routines such as yoga and aerobics, to help members maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Money, besides providing the basic material comforts, must be recognised as an essential transaction tool to achieve various goals. SAS guides its members on how to achieve money via healthy routes, and how to make the best use of it in our world.


Extending beyond the family, members are encouraged to contribute as much as they can to the larger community. SAS makes a special effort to reach out to the less fortunate, the elderly, and the ill. Members are invited to share their time with their community members, as we can learn great things from one another.


Human growth is not complete without introspection and exploration of the spiritual self. SAS provides a platform for promotion of human kinship, development of individual potential and talks on spirituality.

“Build People Psychologically; Uplift Them Spiritually And The People Will build The Nation”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the link that exists between individual community, society and nation. We seek to provide the vehicle by which members can realise their full human potential by fostering experiential lessons in personal human growth.