Heart Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Self Healing, Chakras

Spiritual Master

Gnanaguru Paranjothi Subramaniam


Iconic Symbol Towards Our Vision And Mission:

“Build People Psychologically;
Uplift Them Spiritually; and
The People Will Build the Nation.”

The need for a Guru Ashram has been felt for a long time since the establishment of the Self Awareness Centre. This noble thought was mooted in the ‘90s by the Late Anbullam Munasamy from Penang. Thereafter, this thought was agreed upon during the 1st Advisory Council Meeting in 2004 and subsequently an official announcement was made during our Guru’s 60th Birthday Celebration in 2009. And now, it is set to become a reality.

As we are all well aware, ever since the establishment of the Self Awareness Centre, our Guru has dedicated selflessly for the well-being of his disciples towards their spiritual upliftment. A great sacrifice indeed. The 7-Day Transformational Journey has made us lead our life from the right perspective and to feel the attributes of compassion through the Heart Centre meditation. The Enhancing Prosperity and Abundance workshop has led us to work with clear-cut objectives and goals. The Advance Conferences particularly the Soul Nourishment and Dark Side has given us unbelievable experience of mindfulness. The Kundalini Yoga Discourse is the invaluable gift we received from our GURU. In the beginning this Kundalini practice was closely and zealously guarded secret but today through our Spiritual Master’s grace all of us were initiated at the Ajna chakra is the proof that individual has attained a Spiritual GURU.

To date, three to four of our generations benefited and uplifted spiritually. What are we as disciple going to give in return to our beloved GURU? Hence, GURU ASHRAM is timely. GURU ASHRAM will be a special gift from us(disciple) to our beloved GURU which will eventually be managed by a Trust to be set-up.

GURU ASHRAM is a place where transcendental energy abounds. It will be an energy center of attraction to all disciples and spiritual seekers.

We have started the “Guru Ashram – The Abode for Solace…Spiritual Retreat, An Iconic Symbol towards our vision and mission; Build People Psychologically; Uplift Them Spiritually; And The People Will Build the Nation” by involving all disciples to purchase 7 acres of land in Changlun, Kedah, Malaysia. Let all of us be part and parcel of this spiritual retreat. The said land was visited by Guru and eventually found his retreat for solace. Guru was extremely satisfied and happy with the vicinity.

The total estimated cost for both the purchase of land and Ashram Construction is about RM5,000,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia: Five Million).

GURU has appointed a special task force to spearhead the fund raising at all the branches. Our humble request to each disciple is to donate a minimum amount of RM5,000 (Ringgit Malaysia: Five Thousand) over 5 years for this noble cause. We welcome higher amount of donations.

To find out more about joining the Guru Ashram Community, please contact your Branch Coordinators.

The Self Awareness Society Malaysia with branches in Johor, Ipoh/Perak, Kuala Lumpur/Selangor & Butterworth/Penang and the Self Awareness Society Singapore shall be facilitating the collection of all donations.

Please request for an official receipt for all donations made.

Thank you.

Yous in service,
Guru Ashram Project Management Team




(As of 16th August 2019)

Guru Ashram Plan View

Heart Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Self Healing, Chakras

Land Visit Photo Montage


(As of 16th August 2019)