2 Day Advance Workshop

Topics Covered :

  • Thought Power
  • Money Awareness
  • Goal Setting & Achieving Techniques
  • Leadership

Having made the 7 Day Transformational Journey (7DTJ), there are a lot more good things to come your way. Remember! We have come into a world full of possibilities. Preparations meeting opportunities can be determined as “Luck”. The “Preparation: part (clearing of the mental block) will be done in the 7DTJ.

The 7DTJ makes one realise the very divine attributes which we were naturally endowed when we came into being. This advance workshop will handle the “Meeting the Opportunities” part.

This Advance Workshop is a psyche strengthening and Goals oriented program. In this physical manifest without Goals an individual will drift through life without realising the Resources available to him for optimum use.

A power packed session where we recommend married couples to attend together.

A pre-requisite that all participants should have attended the 7 Day Transformational Journey.

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